Covid-19 Lockdown

The past 4 months have been challenging with zero income but there have also been a lot of positives.

Many species have been thriving during the lockdown, 2 buffalo calves were spotted this week and at least 3 giraffes have given birth over the past 4 months. We also have more and more animals visiting our camps, including the shy Nyala.

As expected, the poaching has increased which means we need to be patrolling the reserve 24/7. Our anti-poaching team has managed to prevent many animals from being killed by poachers entering the reserve illegally. Despite having over 20 incursions in the past 4 months, we have lost only 3 warthogs.

This pandemic has shown us how important and reliant conservation is on tourism. During this difficult time, we have endured nightly incursions, flat tires, blown truck engine, solar power failure, no internet and frigid winter nights — but we are COVID-free and THANKFUL to each and every person who shared, commented, fundraised and donated.

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