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Nkombi Volunteer Programme

The Nkombi volunteer programme was established 15 years ago to give wildlife enthusiasts an opportunity to gain hands on experience in managing a wildlife reserve. This programme is unique in that volunteers are not only involved in all aspects of running a reserve in Africa but they also get to work with a wide range of scientists. Mankwe bases all management decisions on data collected by scientists and volunteers. Volunteers will play an active role in collecting this valuable data and will gain invaluable experience in being a citizen scientist.

Volunteers will have an authentic experience as they are housed in a small bush camp in the centre of the reserve. The camp is unfenced which allows guests to live amongst the wildlife. The camp is frequently visited by giraffe, nyala, kudu and warthog. Many of the activities are done on foot which gives volunteers the opportunity to get up close to the abundance of animals that live on the reserve. They will also be able to see the smaller creatures and their habitats which are often missed on a safari vehicle.

Seasonal activities such as game capture, fire management and rhino horn trimmings are some of the conservation activities they will be able to experience. Many life skills are learned and we encourage volunteers to get involved in changing tyres, making the camp fire and cooking.

Nkombi volunteers quickly become part of the Mankwe family and will be working with like minded people. They will also get to work with the conservation rangers, anti-poaching scouts, anti-poaching k9’s and management team and will leave feeling that they have made friends for life.

Our aim is to inspire volunteers to actively get involved in conservation and give them support in gaining the skills they will need. But most of all we strive to make sure that volunteers have an experience they will never forget and by the time they leave Mankwe will be their second home and family.

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