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What they had to say

about Nkombi..

George Hand

Being an Nkombi volunteer was the best experience of my life, I have visited three times over three years and each visit has been fresh and exciting. There’s beautiful wildlife sightings, great staff and volunteers, and also the opportunity to get hands on with running the reserve. There’s something for everyone, and if there’s anything you’re particularly interested in doing, the staff will make an effort to include it in the timetable whilst you’re there!

Josh Hodgkinson

I have been an Nkombi Volunteer twice and each time has been equally as amazing. The experiences are life-changing and I can guarantee anyone volunteering with Nkombi will form great friendships with everyone around them. All of the work you do is made fun and I’m sure you’ll not get some of these opportunities at other places. Nkombi will always be family to me.

Ella Leborgne

If I were to describe Mankwe, I would without a doubt say it is magical and unlike no other, but even these words would underestimate the feeling you get when experiencing such a place. Everyday is different, you never grow tired of what tomorrow will bring.

Lillie Stevens

One of the most life-changing things you gain from volunteering with Nkombi are the friendships and experiences you have. You absolutely make friends for life, whether you’re there for 3 months or 2 weeks. The intensity of the experiences and living amongst new, like-minded people creates a bond that is strong enough to endure anything. 

Betsy Tortella

Into Mankwe I go to lose my mind; save the rhino. Whether I am extinguishing controlled burns with the Mankwe Fire Brigade, observing the behavior of a species of exotic animal, or breathing in sync with a rhinoceros as me and my team attempts to save one more from extinction, one thing remains true, the wild inside of me will never be the same; I yearn for more magical Mankwe.

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